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Keener Rubber Company
            Keener produces all our rubber bands from the highest grade of natural and synthetic rubber available



Dear Customer,

As a courtesy, Keener Rubber is supplying you with a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) on our rubber bands.

Keener Rubber Company provides the latest health and safety information on our products through Material Safety Data Sheets and product warning labels. This information is an integral part of our hazard communication program required under the OSHA Federal Hazard Communication Standard (29 CFR 1910.1200).

We furnish this important information with the first shipment of each calendar year. Should a change or modification occur during the year, a copy of the updates will be mailed to the attention of the Purchasing Department. This information should be directed to your internal site manager responsible for health, safety and environmental matters.

To assist you in the distribution of this information, MSDS (s) will always be forwarded to your receiving locations also. This may require you to pass on copies of the MSDS to the appropriate individuals throughout your organization including locations other than the mailing address.

To serve as an effective means of hazard communication, it is necessary that the MSDS (s) be forwarded to those who handle or use the product and that the obsolete ones be replaced with these current MSDS(s).

We urge you to carefully evaluate the information provided and to make your employees (and where appropriate, your agents, contractors, customers and visitors) aware of it, both through an appropriate training program and through making the MSDS available to interested parties directly.

Additional copies of the MSDS, should they be needed, may be obtained by contacting us at our letterhead address.

Keener Rubber Company

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